Matthew Altruda
Tanya Luz
Matt Altruda, Matthew Altuda

Produced by award winning writer/director, Christina Morales Hemenway, is  an upbeat  weekly online show about what's happening in arts and entertainment in Ann Arbor, that is televised seasonally. It is hosted by lively hosts, Tanya Luz, Franky Hollywood and Matthew Altruda as well as family friendly segments by Andrew Yang. They use their  infectious enthusiasm to conduct interviews and engage viewers.




Andrew Yang
Tanya Luz

Radio Personality and host of Tree Town Sound and Sonic Lunch, Matthew is the guy in the know when it comes to local musicians with National appeal.

Xander loves drawing portraits and is pasionate about saving animals. He donates all of the proceeds to World Wildlife Foundation from his book "Xanderisms"

Local business owner and performer, Tanya is a natural in using her passion for life to bring out the best in everyone she interviews.

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Franky Hollywood

Frankyhollywood: singer songwriter for many local Detroit rock bands. Currently singer/ bass player for Thunderbuck Ram. And songwriter for the project 'The Freaks of Monky Holler"

Franky Hollywood

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